An Ultimate Guide to Buy Best Duffel Bag for Gym

An Ultimate Guide to Buy Best Duffel Bag for Gym

What is Duffel Bag?

Why Duffel Bag?

What to look into?

  • Volume/Size
  • Design
  • Permanence
  • Accessibility

What is Duffel Bag?

A classical piece of luggage, Duffel bag is a large cylindrical bag made of synthetic or natural fabric. Usually with top closure using drawstring. Originally the word duffel referred to a specific fabric manufactured in Duffel city of Belgium and used to make classic duffel bag (Tall, drawstring, cylindrical bag).

Today two types of Duffel bags are available, one is classic duffel, which opens & closes at the short end of the bag like laundry bags, on the other hand, modern duffel bags have a single zipper all the way across the bag’s length.

Anyway, a bag is considered Duffel Bag if it fulfill following criteria;

  • Cylindrical in shape (length is more than width)
  • Soft-sided, without any frame to hold its Duffel shape
  • Luggage sized (usually 8x8x16 inches)

Why Duffel Bag?

  • Versatile in nature
  • Durable
  • Grab and go portability
  • Extra storage
  • Vintage style with a modern touch

What to look into?

So now you know about the duffel bag, now let’s dig deep into the key factors you should consider when selecting a duffel bag for gym.


The first thing to consider is the volume of the bag, the bag’s volume should be directly proportional to your need because it is very important that the duffel bag meets your needs in terms of space in it. First assess what you carry while going to the gym (Making a list is batter) for example Shoes, outfits, your nutritional boxes, etc. when you get an idea of it check the size dimension of the duffel bag to ensure that it’ll fit everything of the list.


Design selection depends on you but we can suggest a few things. Try selecting more neutral colors like grey, black or blue because it’ll allow the bag to blend into a range of environments and with dresses. Try selecting a decent design that’ll enable you to use your bag for different occasions along with the gym, like for traveling, trips, etc. whatever you choose it should compensate for your personality.


Nowadays Duffel bags are not limited to a traditional canvas but it is available in a wide range of materials from the cheapest material to toughest, so if you want a bag that can last long you should carefully assess the type of material used in the bag. Ensure that it is made of durable material, quality zippers handles, and construction. As you are going to use your bag as a daily diver so it becomes more important. Features like extra resistant base reinforced stitching at pressure points are a great addition. Besides that water-resistance of the fabric and zippers is a plus.

Another thing to keep in mind is that more durable the fabric is the heavier it will be, so have to find a balance between these two points. Krimcode’s Duffel bags are perfect in this scenario, a perfect combo of the highest quality material and average weight.


There are two types of Duffel bags are available in the market, one with a single large compartment to hold everything and second with a ton of pockets and compartments to hold everything. Organization is important but never at the expense of ease of access. A  single compartment is not an option because you carry many things while going to the gym like you clothes, shoes, headphones, water bottles, shampoo, and many other things, and throwing all of these in a single compartment will end up frustrating you. So in this situation let Krimcode’s Duffel bag help you. A smart arrangement of compartments will make your life easier. A separate compartment for shoes and ventilation will help you to stay organized.

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